FAQ's and W's:

What is this? What's a wiki?

This site is intended as an unofficial, dynamic forum for exchanging information about philosophy programs in which feminism is studied and, according to its contributors, supported to some extent. Any member may update, alter, or add to information, or start a discussion. A wiki is a webpage that anyone can contribute to, relieving one person of the burden of sole moderation; for more information on its history and its odd name, see the entry on Wikipedia. This site was originally a report on the official SWIP webpage, then linked from SWIP to Wikipedia until it was deleted in October of 2007.

Why a wiki?

Wikis allow for more information than do web pages or pdfs, and they allow for change to information. One moderator could maintain a webpage, but all things considered, it's easier to redistribute the burden of maintenance and to have a site to which many can contribute, add, subtract and comment.

Who can modify it? Who started it?

Currently this site is a public site, which means it's free, covered with ads, and anyone can modify it. Kathryn Norlock (St. Mary's College of Maryland) started the project in 2004, but authored no entries. About fifty members of SWIP have contributed to it, and all the institutions listed were volunteered by students or faculty at the institutions.
If enough members are interested, we can change it to a protected site or an ad-free site (which costs fifty dollars a year).

When was this wiki started?

This space was launched in November of 2007.

Where can I post information about the graduate program I attend/serve as a faculty/think well of?

Navigate to the appropriate page by clicking on the page's name in the column at the left side of the screen. When you arrive at the page to which you'd like to add an institution, click the "Edit this page" tab at the top of the page. Wikis are so efficient for posting and sharing documents, because anyone can do it at any time. The risky side of it is that anyone can post anything, so please only post information that you have good grounds for believing to be true.

What if I mess it up, or my additions look messy, or I feel like I don't know what I'm doing?

Rest assured, it's only a wiki, it's not art. Post your poor documents and start a discussion page as to their merits and demerits, if you wish. Someone, likely me, will come along and clean up the appearance of the entry.